-Preside at all meetings of the executive meetings of the organization or any special meetings

-Sign checks with the treasurer

-Sign all contracts with the treasurer

-Call meetings of the organization

-Schedule and co-ordinate league activities or functions

-Insure bylaws are made available to executive commitee members


-Schedule games

-In charge of all communications within the league

-Uphold league rules/bylaws and responsible for seeing disciplinary measure occur when necessary


-Maintain financial account accessible by Treasurer and President

-Keep and distributed a record of league finances/budge

-Create a budget for yearly expenses

-Sign checks/contracts with President


-Record minutes of all league proceedings and make available when necessary

-Maintain all appropriate league contacts, documents and agreements

-Keep and maintain all league correspondence including permits and insurance certificates


-Obtain/maintain sponsors for the league

-Keep sponsors informed of league activities

-Maintain weekly communication with head umpire in regards to scheduling, upcoming events or issues with umpires/league members


-Organize all social functions sponsored by the league, and make all necessary arrangements including: Welcome back party, 3-day mini tournament, Summer Slam, All-Star game and Home Run Derby, and the year end banquet


-Maintains the website and social media pages

-Gathers data through the website forms


-Does biweekly checks of the equipment bins to ensure they are appropriately stocked and equipment is in good conidition

-Stores extra field equipment including: first aid kits (as well as items belonging to first aid kits), balls, bases, cones, spikes, hammers and measuring tapes

-Maintains inventory list of equipment