Dates listed below will be confirmed as soon as possible. For more details on these and any other event, please contact the Social Director, social@wsmsp.com

Annual General Meeting / Captain’s Meeting, Thursday April 3rd, @ 6PM, Location: TBA

Season Starts, Sunday May 12th

 3 Game Day, Sunday June 2nd

SummerSlam 2019 July 5 & 6 Kinsmen Park

Rain Out Make-Up Games, Sunday August 18th

All Star Game / Home Run Contest, Sunday August 25th, Hydro West Park, 1pm

Executive Nominations / Voting (On-line), September 1st / September 15th

Playoffs, September 8th / 15th

Annual Rules Meeting (Captains & Assistants Only), October 2nd, 7pm,  Sabinas Restaurant

Annual League Banquet, Saturday October 19th, Location: TBA