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Congratulations Toy Tuggers for finishing first overall in the 2019 season!

Congratulations to The 2019 Summer Slam winners:

The top team and overall winner of the tournament was team Toy Tuggers with 2nd place going to team Sabina’s

Winners of the consolation round went to team JMB with 2nd place going to team Magwyers.

Thank you all for coming out and competing in the heat and supporting the league. It was a long hot day for all involved with a special shout out to our volunteers and umpires. We look forward to doing this all again in a year but for now CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!


The Executive has made a small amendment to the rules allowing for the borrowing of (up to) 3 females in a regular season game if a team is short females. This rule has always been available in the playoffs but will now be allowed in the regular season. This is an interim rule for this season and will require a vote at the annual rules meeting in October.

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