Follow all Government Health Regulations and Mandates

This includes Provincial, City and Municipal restrictions – all Law and Bylaw’s must be adhered to at all times.

Leagues and Event Coordinators are advised to review with their local permit officers/municipal contacts their specific requirements to ensure they understand all necessary requirements

Personal Protection

  • Do not come to the game if you are ill, show any symptoms or have been around someone who is ill
  • The use of mask or face shield is recommend
  • Batting gloves are recommended at all times; any player (including pitchers) may wear a batting  glove on their throwing hand
  • Individual antibacterial hand sanitizer is recommended
  • Bats are to be sanitized between innings
  • Each team will use their own balls; these will be marked with an identifier; this will reduce the amount of people touching the ball by half
  • Balls should be wiped every inning
  • Avoid touching your face; cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • No spitting; no sunflower seeds
  • Sanitize / wash your hands frequently

Arrival/Departure at the Fields

  • Arrive 20 minutes maximum before scheduled game time
  • Leave facilities within 15 minutes upon game completion
  • No congregating in groups larger than the provincial mandate at parks, facilities or parking areas before or after your game

Social Distancing During the Game

  • No contact (handshakes or high fives)
  • Warm up is permitted in groups of 2, and must use personal ball, not league provided
  • Ground rules shall be provided to team captains before each game – this will cover all updated policy either from the league, SPN, or the City of Pickering
  • During batting, players are required to socially distance accordingly
  • The dug out will only be used by the on deck batter and the batter “in the hole”
  • Base coaches are to stand 2 meters away from the bases (option for 3rd base coach to stand behind the bench in the dug out)
  • The catcher will stand 2 meters behind the strike mat
  • Staggered scheduling will be implemented to reduce over crowding
  • There will be designated areas for teams to meet, until the time they have been cleared to approach the diamond by the umpire or a member of the executive
  • Spectators must sit socially distanced from team members and other spectators
  • Spectators are to be kept to a minimum (City of Pickering outdoor gathering policy)
  • Children are not to be left unattended
  • No coaching conferences or group huddle
  • All garbage must be collected and removed by each team after the game


  • It is recommended that umpires wear a mask or face shield
  • Umpires will provide further detailed ground rules on an as needed basis observing the necessary distancing before the game begins
  • Umpires will stand where there are comfortable calling the game while on the diamond, and at least 2 meters away from the catcher and batter
  • Umpire conferences are to be kept to a minimum adhering to distancing requirements

Teams and/or players who do not adhere to the suggestions put forth by league and event organizers risk being refused to participate.

These measures are being considered and adopted by volunteers who are trying to organize a sport this season that will allow participants to enjoy the game. It is imperative that all participants conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. Failure to accept the necessary measures put forward by league or event organizers shall not be tolerated.