April 12, 2018
AGM called to order at 18:06
Attendance at the meeting 24 members of the league including the executive.
Rob Beech (President) called meeting to order

President explained why he was going through the new bylaws. Stated that there are changes and that there will be voting to accept the general population in attendance.
RB also explained going forward that the registration fee and the registration form will now both be submitted online together. This was accepted
RB explained why the increase of requested players per team was implemented this year.
RB: Article 5 explaining the positions of the executive. The changes to the voting and non-voting or committee members of the executive.
Proposed that the voting for the executive positions be done in the fall at the banquet. Voted on and accepted
Proposed that open nominations will start in the month of Sept. Voted on and accepted
Proposed use of SPN code of conduct. WSMSP will be adopting fully SPN rules and regulations. Voted on and accepted
Pickering residents who move out of area may continue to play softball in the league, if on a continuous basis, however if they quit then they will be treated as a non-resident. Voted on and accepted
Regulations accepted as amended.

Rules of WSMSP.
October Rules meeting to be established. Voted on and accepted
Explained that regulations of the league have been shortened. Voted on and accepted
Umpire is to announce to captains and players the start of the game and no new inning after a specific time. Captains have been advised to write times down.
Base line will be extended to 65 feet. Voted on and accepted
Proposed that borrowed players bat at the bottom of the lineup. Voted on and accepted.
Proposed that borrowed players can only play catcher, right field, or rover. Voted on and accepted
Proposed that if both captains agreed that if necessary they can borrow a pitcher. Voted on and accepted
If a team has borrowed a player and a regular teammate shows up, both can remain in the game. Voted on and accepted
WSMSP is deleting the rule about hitting back at the pitcher. Voted on and accepted
Proposed that these rules are agreed on. Voted on and accepted

AGM concluded at 1935