West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association

SPN Code of Conduct

(Download full PDF version): By-laws for west shore mixed slo-pitch association 2014

Note (2017): WSMSP is not responsible for any damage done to private property as a result of actions during a league sanctioned event.

Table of Contents, Preface Page
Title Page…………………………………………………………………………. 1
Table of Contents………………………………………………………………… 2

Article 1 – (name)………………………………………………………………… 3
Article 2 – (purpose)…………………………………………………………….. 3
Article 3 – (membership)………………………………………………………… 3-4
Article 4 – (executive committee)..……………………………………………… 5
Article 5 – (officers)……………………………………………………………… 5
Article 6 – (duties of officers)……………………………………………………. 6-7
Article 7 – (elections)…………………………………………………………….. 7
Article 8 – (meetings)…………………………………………………………….. 8
Article 9 – (discipline)……………………………………………………………. 9
Article 10 – (disabilities)…………………………………………………………. 9
Article 11 – (amendments)……………………………………………………….. 9
Article 12 – (dissolution)…………………………………………………………. 9
Article 13 – (penalties/suspensions)……………………………………………… 10-12

Exhibit “A” – Meeting Schedule (transition meeting)………………………….. 14
Exhibit “B” – Registration and Team Selection………………………………… 15-16
Exhibit “C” – Expectations of a Captain (game results/feedback)……………. 17
Exhibit “D” – Welcome Dance/Picnic/Banquet………………………………… 18
Exhibit “E” – Park Permits and Annual Tournament………………………… 19
Exhibit “F” – Rules and Regulations…………………………………………… 20-25
Exhibit “G” – Fact sheets

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 3
Article 1 (name): The name of the organization is The West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association and is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

Article 2 (purpose): The purpose of the organization is:
1) To promote the development of mixed slo-pitch softball in the Town of Pickering.
2) To improve the quality of life in the area.
3) To meet people and socialize.
4) To generate money in the area.

Article 3 (membership)
Section 1: Membership shall be limited to those 18 years of age and older by May 1st of current year.
Section 2: Membership shall consist of active members, which require that the member be registered with the league for that year. Membership is current from registration to the next registration, the following year.
Section 3: Annual dues shall be by cash or cheque (payable to “West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association”) and included with the registration form.

Section 4: Qualifications for admittance to this organization is that:
1) Membership shall not be disqualified because of sex, race, colour or creed.
2) Previous year’s members shall receive first opportunity to register (until March 15th being the registration date).
3) New members will be placed on a holding list until March 15 then new members will be included up to capacity.
4) Concerning new members – preferences will be given to residents of the Town of Pickering prior to considering applications from non-residents, capacity permitting.

5) A waiting list shall be kept after the league is to capacity.
6) Pickering residents who move out of the area may continue to play softball in the league, if on a continuous basis, however if they quit then they will be treated as a non-resident.
7) Past members can be absent for up to one year and be considered members, if for medical reasons only.
Section 5: Member refund policy: a twenty five dollar ($25.00) administration fee will be deducted from the registration fee. No refunds will be issued after the June 1st or in the case of unreturned association equipment. (Revised Apr.16 2014)
Section 6: Cheques must be dated on or prior to the registration date (March 1th of the current year). After the registration date, no post-dated cheques will be accepted. All bank service charges incurred by the association will be passed onto the applicant (returned cheques etc.). There is a charge of $25.00 for NSF cheques. (Revised Apr.16 2014)
Section 7: Members can request to play with any other specified member, limited to individual blocks of four members only. Note: circumstances regarding the above shall be looked at on an individual basis and voted upon by the executive committee.
Section 8: Players are not allowed to change teams without executive committee approval. Substitution (with league members of equal caliber) will be permitted with executive committee approval to avoid defaults during tournament.
Section 9: Resignation, termination and removal of members: players who are absent for four consecutive games without notifying their captain can be replaced by a new player off the waiting list at the committee’s discretion, with an attempt to continue consistency (man for man, woman for woman, couple for couple) and comparable softball ability. (Revised Apr.16 2014)

Article 4 (executive committee):
Section 1: The executive committee shall consist of the elected and non-elected officers, and captains, as per Article 5, Section 1 and 2 inclusive.
Section 2: The executive committee shall handle the regular business of the organization.
Section 3: Regular meetings of the executive shall be held.
Section 4: A quorum for conducting business of the executive committee shall be not less than 51% of the members of the executive committee empowered to vote.

Article 5 (officers):
Section 1: There shall be the following elected officers:
– Convener
– Secretary/Treasurer
– Liaison/Tournament officer
– Sponsorship officer
– Social officer
– Equipment manager

Section 2: Non-elected officers included in the executive committee:
– Past convener
– Team Captains or representatives
All of the above elected and non-elected officers are empowered to a single vote.
Note #1: The Convener does not vote, unless to break a tie.
Note #2: Additional helpers added to the executive committee are not empowered to vote.

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 6

Article 6 (duties of officers):
Section 1: The Convener shall:
– Preside at all meetings of the executive committee and general meetings of the organization and at any special meetings.
– Sign cheques with the Secretary/ Treasurer.
– Sign all contracts with the Secretary/Treasurer, after approval by the executive committee.
– Call meetings of the organization.
– Serve as ex-officio member on all sub-committees.
– Schedule and co-ordinate league activities and functions
– Ensure By-laws are made available to executive committee members.
Section 2: The Secretary / Treasurer shall:
– Set-up an account accessible by the Secretary/Treasurer and Convener
– Keep record of the leagues’ finances.
– Record the minutes of all proceedings of the executive committee.
– Sign cheques with the Convener
– Sign all contracts with the Convener, after approval by the executive committee.
Section 3: The Liaison / Tournament officer shall:
– Establish good rapport with the Pickering Softball Association and Town of Pickering, and attend meetings with same.
– Obtain parks for the organization.
– Organize the league’s annual tournament.
Section 4: The Sponsorship officer shall:
– Obtain sponsors for the league.
– Obtain prizes for league functions.
– Keep sponsors informed of league activities (tournament, play-off, picnic, dances and season games).
– Acknowledgement of sponsors support by letter.
Section 5: The Social officer shall:
– Organize all social functions sponsored by the league, and make all necessary arrangement (Welcome Dance, Picnic and Banquet). Section 6: The Equipment Manager shall:
– Take inventory of all stock and obtain necessary equipment for the season
– Obtain shirts for the league.
Section 7: The Past-Convener shall:
– Attend all executive committee meetings and ensure that the spirit and intent of the organization is followed.
– Act as the chairperson in the Conveners absence.
Section 8: The Team Captain shall:
– Be responsible for all equipment and that it is available to the team for all games.
– Ensure that league games are played in compliance with the league’s purpose and rules set out by the league.
Section 9: Each member of the executive committee is responsible for their duties and responsibilities, attending all meetings, keeping the committee informed and updated, and act in the best interest of the organization.
Section 10: The position of Convener can be held for on consecutive year only. This condition is waived for all other positions.

Article 7 (elections):
Section 1: All positions on the executive committee are open for nomination for election, to all members of the league.
Section 2: Elections shall be by secret ballot and voting privileges shall be limited to active members of the year.
Section 3: Officers shall be elected for a term of one year, to serve from the time of installation until the succeeding installation of officers.
Section 4: If any executive committee member resigns their position, the position will be offered to the runner-up in the voting for the position. Failing that, the committee will decide on a nomination.
Section 5: Slack executive committee members will receive a warning by the Convener and if there is no improvement the committee shall vote on their dismissal.

Article 8 (meetings):
Section 1: There should be approximately 8 meetings per year open to all registered members. Notice of such meetings shall be given to each member of the executive committee at the transition meeting.
Section 2: There is to be a transition of administration meeting immediately following installation. It is to include both outgoing and incoming officers.
– all files, including financial books are turned over to the newly installed committee / Convener, who then becomes presiding Convener.
– This meeting should include the outline of the years schedule, functions, activities, budget and fees.
Section 3: Special meetings may be called by the Convener or any member of the executive committee, upon notice of 51% of the committee.
Section 4: All elected executive committee members shall attend all meetings and give an update report or make their report available at all meetings, if unable to attend.

Article 9 (discipline):
Section 1: Charges of professional dishonesty working against the principles and purpose of the organization and/or injuring the professional standing of a member may be filed with the executive committee.
Section 2: The accused member shall be notified of the action and shall have the privilege of being present at a special meeting or regular meeting of the executive committee, at which the charges will be considered.
Section 3: The member may be suspended by a 51% vote or expelled by a 75% vote of the executive committee.
Section 4: Should the executive committee lose confidence in any executive officer, disciplinary action or dismissal will take place.
Article 10 (disabilities):
In the best interest of the association, it is the responsibility of members to disclose any disabilities, injuries or pregnancies in writing.
Article 11 (amendments):
The league By-laws may be amended or revised by an affirmative vote of 75% of all members of the association present at a meeting designed for that purpose.
Article 12 (dissolution):
Should the organization be dissolved, all material and possessions of the organization must be sold or donated to a charity in the Town of Pickering.

Article 13 (penalties/suspensions):
Player and/or team member penalties and suspensions:
As a result of incidents occurring at league parks during league games to league members that are in contravention of the intent of the league and/or bylaws.
Section 1: Verbal Abuse:
– First offence:
Penalty: Warning by the umpire
– Subsequent offence(s) in the same game:
Penalty: Incident reported to the core Executive Committee
– Any subsequent offence in any game:
Penalty: Executive issues a letter of warning
Section 2: Physical Abuse:
– Protest must be reported the same day to the Convener and/or acting Executive representative at headquarters no later than 9:00PM
– The Executive will set-up an investigative meeting attended by the Executive, captains and parties of the teams involved in the incident within 3 days of the incident to assess the incident and determine appropriate action to be in place prior to the following game
– Intent must be established that the altercation is deliberate
– Judgment will be applied as to the degree of deliberate intent
Penalty: Ranging from a verbal warning to a letter of warning to a 1 game suspension to a more than 1 game suspension to a suspension for the remainder of the season to a permanent lifetime suspension.
Section 3: Unsporstsmanlike Conduct:
Penalty: Same as Physical Abuse
Section 4: Any conduct considered by the West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association or S.P.N. to be detrimental to the sport of slo-pitch softball:
Penalty: Same as Physical Abuse

Section 5: Any misuse of diamonds, surrounding facilities or accommodation facilities:
Penalty: Same as Physical Abuse
Section 6: Illegal sit-outs/runner:
– Protest must be reported the same day as the offense
– If the penalized team lost the game in question, it will be deducted two (2) points in league standings.
– If the penalized team won the game in question, the opposing team will be awarded two (2) points, the penalized team will receive zero (0) points.
Note: If an out has not been recorded, the last batter of the same sex in the lineup is designated as a courtesy runner.
Section 7: Illegal Substitution:
– Deliberate attempt to impersonate a valid member by a non-member
– Use of illegal, ineligible or fraudulently represented players
– Protest is open and may be reported at any time during the year
– The Executive will set up an investigative meeting attended by the Executive and parties involved in the infraction to assess the infraction and determine appropriate action.
– The captain or acting captains is suspended for the remainder of the season.
– The opposing team will be awarded two (2) points. The penalized team will receive zero (0) points and be deducted and additional four points in league standings effective immediately.
All penalties and suspensions may be subject to review by the executive and maximums may be extended upon severity of the case.
Any time a carded umpire is used in a game, he or she is responsible for the conduct on the field, any other infraction will be dealt with by the Executive.

Items 1 to 7 are at the discretion of the Executive/Disciplinary Committee.
Note: The executive/Disciplinary Committee will be comprised of five people. Two will be from the current Executive Committee; the other three will be current captains. None of the people chosen for the Executive/Disciplinary Committee can be personally involved in any way with the discrepancy. The Convener will chair the Committee and only be allowed to vote in case of a tie. The accused shall have the option of requesting an alternate(s) due to a possible conflict of interest.

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 13
Exhibit “A” – Meeting Schedule
(Transition meeting)
Exhibit “B” – Registration and Team Selection
Exhibit “C” – Expectations of a Captain
(Game results/feedback)
Exhibit “D” – Welcome Dance/Picnic/Banquet
Exhibit “E” – Park Permits and Annual Tournament
(With Tournament Coordinator or Convener)
Exhbit “F” – Rules and Regulations
Exhibit “G” – Fact sheets (with Convener)

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 14
Exhibit “A”
Meeting Schedule
November: Transition meeting of the past and present executives to transfer information and data, as soon s possible after the year end banquet.
– budget and fees (registration and sponsors)
– tentative schedule of games and events in the upcoming year
– update on all events
January/February and/or March
– registration
– shirts and equipment
April: Team selection and update.
May: Captains meeting and update.
June: Welcome Dance meeting and update.
July: Annual League Tournament and update.
August: Play-offs meeting.
– Trophies
– Banquet
September: Banquet meeting if necessary.
Note: Convener and Secretary/Treasurer to meet before and after every major event.

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 15
Exhibit “B”
Registration and Team Selection
Registration will be on a first come basis for previous year’s members up to the registration date, being March 15th of the current year. New members will be placed on a holding list until the registration date and then new members will be included up to capacity. If capacity has not been filled as of the registration date, registration will continue on a first come basis up to capacity.
For a 16-team league, with 16 members on each team, capacity is 256 members (16 teams x 16 members per team = 256 total members).
Based on the same male/female ration on each team, with the optimum being a 9:7 male/female split on each team, registration will be filled to capacity consisting of 144 males and 112 females (on a first come basis) with the following breakdown:
Males: 16 teams x 9 males per team = 144 males
Females:16 teams x 9 females per team = 112 females
Total: 16 teams x 16 members per team = 256 members
Team Selection Process:
The team selection process is crucial to the success of the league. Over the years the optimum method utilized to obtain parity has evolved into the following process:
1) Members are divided into categories:
– groups of 4
– groups of 3
– couples
– single males
– single females
Note: Groups larger than 4 are split into smaller groups with an effort to maintain fairness and equity
All categories are listed on separate pages (ie. The groups of 4 are listed on 1 or more pages, groups of 3 are listed on 1 or more pages, couples are listed on 1 or ore pages and single males and females are listed on 1 or more pages).

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 16
2) The current Convener reviews each players personal ranking with the captain of the team played upon the previous year. The players and captains’ ratings from at least the past two seasons are also available for comparison purposes. Players are rated as follows:
Men: A – Excellent Women: B – Above Average
B – Above Average C – Average
C – Average D – Below Average
D – Below Average E – Beginner
E – Beginner
3) Sponsors are first placed on the teams they are sponsoring and designated with an “S” beside their name.
4) Sixteen (16) capable captains are selected and designated with a “C” beside their names for easy reference.
5) Sixteen (16) capable pitchers are selected and designated with a “P” beside their name.
6) Each team selected will comprise of 9 males and 7 females consisting of the following balance of abilities:
– 2 A level Men – 2 B level Women
– 2 B level Men – 3 C level Women
– 4 C level Men – 2 D level Women
– 1 D level Man
7) New members are designated with a “NP” (new player).
8) Members are designated as “M” (males) and “F” (females).
9) Other designations could be included to reach parity or a balance.
10) A number of knowledgeable members are chosen to select the teams (members can not pick themselves on the team they are selecting).
Then the actual team selection begins.
– Sponsors, Captains and Pitchers are selected first and designated with an “S”, “C”, and “P” for easy reference.
– Blocks of 4 are then selected, followed by groups of 3, followed by couples and then filled out with single males and females. As each group or individual is selected, the rankings are also listed for easy reference.
– Players with the least overall ability should be allocated evenly amongst the teams with a balance in the number of weak players on each team.
– Recapping team selections after about 6, 10 and 12-14 picks per teams is advisable to maintain equity and balance (at any one of these points some teams will be evaluated as strong or weak and adjustments can be made).
Try to maintain an equal number of groups of 4, groups of 3, couples and single males and females on each team, to prevent any one team being comprised of groups only or couples and singles only, as extreme examples.

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 17
Exhibit “C”
Expectations of a Captain
To assist the captains and provide a degree of consistency throughout the league, the Executive expects each captain to perform the following:
 To behave in a responsible adult manner to promote a favorable image of the league.
 To attend all games/meetings or provide a knowledgeable substitute and to inform team members of league meetings.
 To be responsible for all equipment and its availability to the team for all games.
 To contact all team members and encourage attendance and participation in league games, functions and activities.
 To prepare line-ups for batting and fielding.
 To provide instruction of league rules to team members.
 To provide results of each game to the convener in a timely manner after the last game of the day at a designated location.
 To keep the convener informed of significant events or concerns. If you are having any problems with a player, such as alcohol, poor attendance or not getting along with the team.
Remember, all players are an equally important asset to the team and the league!!

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 18
Exhibit “D”
Welcome Dance/Picnic/Banquet
Duties of the Social Coordinator
Right after the transition meeting, book halls for Welcome Dance and Banquet. Confirm with the convener that dates will be on the schedules. Book D.J. for Welcome Dance and Banquet (try and work out a deal for both).
Welcome Dance
Before the first captains meeting:
 Book caterer and bartender for dance (venue dependent).
 Approximately 10 days prior to dance, obtain permit for liquor license and insurance (liquor liability – venue dependent).
 At meeting prior to dance, hand out tickets ($5 per person, non-refundable).
 Get volunteers for: Setup/cleanup/door duty (1/2 hour shifts for captains)
 Get an estimated count of attendance.
 Check with sponsorship representative to get door prizes and request donations from players and captains.
Items required purchasing for welcome dance (venue dependent):
 Beer, liquor (get count from treasurer of last years purchases), pop, juice, ice, garbage bags, snacks (chips), borrow tubs for beer, ice buckets, tongs, shot glasses, pitchers for water etc.
At a meeting prior to the banquet give tickets to captains and advise them that all tickets or money must be returned prior to the final game. Confirm with the hall and decide on menu items.
Get money from treasurer for door prizes and also check with the sponsorship representative to get prizes from sponsors.
One week prior to banquet confirm number of people attending.
Get liaison to book Alex Robertson park when requesting permits.
At the meeting prior to the picnic recruit volunteers to help run events. Eg. Volleyball, football, races, tug-of-war (get rope from fire hall), water balloons, egg toss, 3 legged race, dunk tank etc
Get prizes from dollar store (small token prizes eg. Tattoos, bubbles etc)
Get ribbons from trophy store (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, participation, etc)
Advise captains at meeting to whether food will be available for purchase or to bring their own.

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 19
Exhibit “E”
Park Permits and Annual Tournament
(with Tournament coordinator or Convener)

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 20
Exhibit “F”

Rules and Regulations
S.P.N. Rules Apply Unless Specified.
The following highlights some of our association’s rules and regulations. For further detail see the By-Laws of the West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association and the West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association.
1. The Association promotes sportsmanship and enjoyment.
2. Age limit – 18 year and over.
3. Vacancies will be filled from a waiting list maintained by the Association. Teams must take a person from the wait list with an attempt to continue consistency (male for male, female for female, couple for couple) and comparable softball ability.
4. Player should notify their team captain if a game or games are to be missed. A player missing four (4) games in succession, without reasonable cause may be removed from the league. (Revised Apr.16 2014)
5. All equipment remains the property of the Association. Team shirts remain the property of the Association until the end of the playing season. Players leaving the Association shall surrender their shirts to their team captain.
6. During the regular season, rain out games will be rescheduled by the team captains for the following Sunday, prior to that week’s game if possible. The original park should be used if the Association has the required park permits.
7. If both teams have the minimum number of players (9 minimum – 3 of which must be female) to field a team.
8. Each team is to provide their own score-keeper. The winning team is responsible for providing the Convener with the score sheet at the league headquarters after the game.
9. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the ball park.
10. No new inning will start after 1 hour and 15 minutes from start time.

11. WSMSP is not responsible for any damage or broken windows that result from play during league sanctioned events.

West Shore Mixed Slo-Pitch Association 21
Umpires are provided by SPN but if they do not show up each team will select umpires prior to the start of the game.
Specific Duties of the Plate Umpire
 Will have full responsibility for the proper conduct of the game and is the crew chief.
 Will call each pitch a ball or strike.
 Will call batted balls fair or foul and all illegally batted balls.
 Will call the plays at third and home plate.
Specific Duties of the Base Umpire
 Will assist on calls in outfield decisions.
 Will call the plays at first and second base.

Rules of Play
1. The playing field
 The bases will be 60 feet apart (from the rear portion of the plate).
 Pitching distance is from 46-50 feet, in a direct line from home plate to second base.
 Commitment line is 25 feet from home plate perpendicular to the third base line.
 A safety line will be drawn at home plate perpendicular to the third base line from the front left corner of home plate.
 Team captains will discuss and agree on ground rules prior to the game.
 No more than six players will be in the infield until the ball is batted and no defensive player can cross the baseline until the ball is hit.
 A defensive line consisting of an arc 150 feet from home plate shall be used. No outfielder (minimum of four) is allowed in front of the line until the ball is hit. If this is violated, the offence has the option of taking the result of the play or an award of one base to the batter and all runners.
 The defensive team must have at least one girl in the outfield at all time
(i.e. LF,CF,RF,Rover in each inning.) (Revised Apr 26 2010)
 Catcher, First baseman, and Pitcher may use a trapper style gloves. (Revised Apr 2011)

2. Equipment
 Equipment will be provided by the Association.
 Personal bats may be used if sanctioned “Official Softball”.
 Metal spiked shoes are not allowed; one piece molded rubber soles are acceptable.
 Home plate is a 24×48” board (the entire board is in fair territory).
 First base is a double (safety) base and the following rules apply:
– White portion is fair territory and orange is in foul territory.
– Defensive player must use white portion only, if any portion of the orange is used the runner is safe.
– If a play is being made at first base, the runner’s first attempt must be to the orange portion, otherwise the runner will be called out.
– Once first base is attained, the runner must use the white portion only.

3. Definitions
 See SPN rule book.

4. The Game
 Seven innings is a complete game, 3½ innings with the home team leading or 4 innings constitutes a game if necessary to be called.
 All regular season games should be completed regardless of time. If 4:30 runs late the 6 o’clock games will start right after. The 6 o’clock game should be completed as well. (revised June 1st 2008)
 No new inning will start after 1 hour and 15 minutes from start time. (revised June 12th 2008)
 If the home team is winning by less than 7 runs, the home team will continue to bat in order to achieve a maximum of 7 runs.  To end the inning there must be three outs or the batting team scores 7 runs in that inning. (revised Apr.16 2014)
 TIEBREAKER for Beerfest and Playoffs only. The tiebreaker method starts in the top of the eighth (8th) inning and continues each inning thereafter. The offensive (at bat) team shall begin its half inning with one out and with the last batter from the previous inning starting as a runner at second base. Regular substitution rule will apply to this runner (Tiebreaker Rule). The defensive team will use the defence lineup starting from the 1st inning. (revised June 1st 2008)
 During regular season play; innings 1 through 6 are subject to a 7 run
limit, inning 7 is an open inning whereby three outs must be achieved to
end the inning. (Revised Apr 2011)
Inning 1-6: 7 run limit.
Inning 7: Open inning.

5. The Players and Team
 A team must have a minimum of 9 players, of which 3 are females to play.

 Each team must have three females in the line-up in order to have a valid game.

 If a team is playing with only three female players then a female player must be in the outfield at all times and a male back catcher must be used for the entire game. Teams must follow batting order accordingly. (revised April 16 2014)
 A 15 minute grace period, from regulation start time will be allowed only in default situation.
 All players in the game must be registered with the association and on the team roster.
 A late arriving player may be added to the bottom the batting order provided the team has not restarted it’s batting order.
 All players should get equal playing time (defensive lineups, if more than 10 players, will start by siting the top of the order and rotate through the subsequent innings.
 When in the field, better players should play their positions and only cover up for, but not play the position of weaker players.  Each team is allowed up to four (4) substitute players, with a maximum of two (2) males, to bring the total to 9 players on the team. **Please remember this is a fun league, and to keep things fair, stronger players should not be used to fill in for missing weaker players.* (revised March 26 2012)
 A player, who is asked to be a substitute player for another team and is a pitcher, is only permitted to pitch if the team does not have an available pitcher. (Revised Apr.16 2014)

6. Pitching
 Strike-pitch must satisfy delivery rules as stated in the rule book and land on a portion of the board with a minimum arc of 6 feet and a maximum of 12 feet (spinning is allowed).

7. Batting
 The infield fly rule will be in effect. Revised: April 20, 2009
 The following is not allowed and the batter will be called out:
– bunting or chopping downward at the ball.
– stepping on or in front of the board while making contact with the ball.
– for safety reasons, if they throw their bat.
 pinch hitters are not allowed.
 if a pinch/courtesy runner is needed, the batter must reach 1st base safely before the pinch runner can be used. The pinch runner will be the last person out, of the same sex.
 a foul ball over 6 feet, caught by the catcher is an out.  If the first 4 pitches are balls the batter will be awarded 2nd base. All runners on base are awarded two bases. (Revised Apr.16 2014)
 Third strike foul is an out. Revised: April 20, 2009
 First homerun over fence by team is homerun after that all other balls over fence are doubles. Revised: April 20, 2009  Any ball hit that the pitcher is forced to field defensively or forced to vacate the pitcher’s “box” the batter shall be declared out and the ball and play is dead. (Revised Apr.16 2014)

8. Base Running
 First base is a double (safety) base (see rule 3, equipment).
 After a play has been made and the pitcher has possession of the ball in the pitcher’s area, two rules are in effect:
a) if the runner is on a base, they must remain there.
b) if the runner is not on a base, they have the option of advancing or returning to a base, at their own risk.
 no base stealing is allowed, runners must keep in contact with their base and may leave ONLY when the pitch has reached or passed home plate or is batted (anticipation will be allowed but lead-offs will be called out).
 if a ball is thrown out of the play area, each runner is awarded two bases from the last base occupied at the time of the throw; the award is governed by the lead runner.
 if a runner passes the commitment line, they must continue to home plate and are not allowed to return to 3rd base.
 the runner is not allowed to step on home plate when running home. The runner must cross the safety line with a portion of their body touching the ground in order to score. All plays at home shall be considered force plays. A defensive player must have control of the ball while making contact with home plate before the runner reaches safety line to be an out. A tag may be made between the commitment line and home only on an errant throw. Verbal interference is not allowed and is considered an out.

9. Other
 Catchers and first base player may wear a glove or mitt of any size. All other players are restricted to a 3 or 4 finger type glove. The webbing shall not be constructed to form any type of net or tray.
 Multicolour gloves are legal.
 Any participant (player, coach or umpire) who is bleeding or has blood on his/her uniform may not participate until he/she is treated and his/her uniform changed. When a participant is bleeding, the bleeding must be controlled and all blood removed from his/her body. This would include cleaning and covering the wound.  If a player has been removed from the line-up because of injury they are allowed to miss one at bat only to allow them sufficient time to decide if they are able to continue playing. The missed at bat will be counted as an out. (Revised Apr.16 2014)
 If a ball is hit safely into the outfield, ie. It touches the ground. Outfields are NOT permitted to throw the ball to first base in a attempt to get the batter out. This is for safety reasons. An infielder may run into the outfield to get the ball and make a throw, but an outfielder (including a rover) may not. If a ball is hit in the air and caught by an outfielder and an out is recorded and a runner on first has left early, then an outfielder can throw to first to attempt a double play.  The following bats can NOT be used in the WSMSP league as of 2014: Apr.16 2014)  Please see the SPN website for further information on approved bats: Apr.16 2014)
*NOTE* In case of any discrepancies or the rule is not covered in the above mentioned list we will refer to the SPN rule book.

1. HOME RUN RULE: One plus One. Once a team has scored a home run, any additional home runs will be counted as a double, until the other team has scored their own home run. At this point the rule resets.
2. ADVANCEMENT OF BASE RUNNERS ON WALKS: If the batter is awarded a 2 base walk, base runners will only advance if forced. (i.e. A runner on 1st will advance to 3rd, but if there is only a runner on 3rd they will not advance home.)
3. PITCHER’S BOX: The rule in regards to balls entering the pitchers box has been removed. At the umpire’s discretion, if the pitcher is hit with a batted ball hard enough that may cause injury then the play is dead and the batter is out.
4. BORROWED PLAYERS: If a team is short players they may borrow enough to field a 10 player team. If they are not able to field at least 9 players then the game will be forfeited, where by the team with enough players will be awarded a win and a plus 7 in the standings and the team without enough players will be awarded a loss and a minus 7 in the standings. The teams can still play an exhibition game at this point if they wish.
5. LATE PLAYERS: Players are allowed to join anytime and should be added to the bottom of the batting order.
6. PINCH RUNNER: A player may have a substitute (pinch runner) from home plate, if approval has been received from the executive committee due to medical reason. The pinch runner will be the last person of the same sex that was out.

From SPN 2017 Rulebook

Any player who has a concern about an injury occurring from being struck with a ball during SPN
sanctioned play should address that concern by the use of protective equipment which is available
and is allowed in Slo-Pitch National sanctioned play.

A. Masks: It is strongly recommended that masks and body protectors be worn by catchers.

B. Helmets: SPN strongly recommends that CSA approved protective headwear be used by all
batters and baserunners in any SPN sanctioned tournament or event.

NOTE: For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that all protective equipment be worn by
appropriate players.