On May 7th the members of WSMSP will be meeting to discuss proposed regulation changes at the Annual General Meeting.
Below is a listing of the regulation changes that have been proposed by members of WSMSP. These proposals will be on the agenda at the meeting and all eligible members will be voting on each proposal. All registered and paid members are welcome at the AGM

  1. Players must have played a minimum of 10 regular games to be eligible for the playoffs. (Tournament games to be counted as regular games) (Number may be adjusted)
  2. Photo of score sheet or defensive chart to be uploaded to WSMSP after every game
  3. Distance limited ball for left handed hitters at Kinsmen North (Tournament) (Alt: or all hitters)
  4. Executive (at its discretion) may accept full team registration after March 22 if individual registration targets are not achieved. (Full team applications to be vetted as much as possible to ensure continuity of skills)